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Omnis Pura Organic Sile Cloth Handcrafted Dress

Omnis Pura Organic Sile Cloth Handcrafted Dress

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🌱organic crotchet handmade baby dress 🌱 *designed with organic sile cloth fabric and unique design  * super soft, elegant and a real family heirloom made with natural ivory colours. Product features: *the upper part is completely hand-knitted.  *organic yarn and gots sile cloth fabric  are used that does not harm the baby's delicate skin. *no sweating, no itching or allergies. It is suitable for all ages. A real family heirloom dress.  Timeless  designs...  Wash & care In order to preserve the original look as long as possible, We suggest following these wash & care steps; • you may prefer gentle wash/short cycle machine program without spinning at max 30°c. • for hand-washing, prepare a clean basin or sink • add lukewarm water and soap or baby shampoo and wash gently After washing steps; • roll the garment in a towel to extract water - please never wring or twist as it will warp the shape • lay flat to dry • do not tumble dry or throw into the dryer.

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