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Raised By The South

Men's Crusher Outback Leather Hat

Men's Crusher Outback Leather Hat

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The American Outback Crusher Leather Hat, much like its Aussie Outback counterpart, is virtually indestructible. Crush it, pack it, or wear it! Perfect for protecting you from sun and rain while hiking and backpacking in the mountains, relaxing on your favorite beach, exploring on horseback, or chilling on your favorite patio - drink in hand!

- Brim 2 3/4" Crown 3 3/4"

- Sizes 6 to Size 8

- Removable Sweatband

- Leather

- Featherweight

- Wide-brimmed and UPF 50 for ultimate protection from the sun and rain

- Highly-durable construction featuring premium leather

- Able to be packed and crushed and still hold its shape

- Chin strap included with each purchase

- Made in California, USA

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